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we are a family-owned spiritual business since 2018. we provide products and learning materials to help individuals connect to their Divine Purpose.


Ashley H.A. Williams is an innovative spiritual guide, author, and esteemed occult teacher. As the founder of FD 11-11 Ministries in 2016, she has dedicated her life to expanding the boundaries of spiritual exploration and bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge.

A visionary in her field, Ashley is celebrated for her expertise in spiritual studies, tarot, biblical divination, and occult teachings. Passionate and intuitive, she has authored several ground breaking books and created thoughtfully designed oracle decks that have transformed the lives of many seekers on their spiritual journeys.

Although Ashley's roots can be traced back to classical spiritual practices, she fearlessly navigates the intersections between the Bible and other ancient and modern occult sciences. With FD 11-11 Ministries, her mission is to empower individuals to forge their own paths and discover their innate spiritual wisdom by drawing upon diverse teachings from around the world.

A respected leader and compassionate mentor, Ashley H.A. Williams continues to inspire countless followers as a beacon of clarity, authenticity, and enlightenment. Through her unique approach and unwavering dedication to spiritual growth, she has created a vibrant, inclusive community that transcends boundaries and transcends the limits of traditional religious thought.


We invite you to join the ever-growing FD 11-11 Ministries family on YouTube. Our channels provide a unique and enriching experience by delving into the fascinating worlds of biblical spiritual teachings and monthly astro-prophetic messages.

By subscribing to our primary channel, "FD 11-11 Ministries," you'll gain access to exclusive spiritual content exploring the hidden depths of biblical wisdom and how it intertwines with astrology, occult sciences, and modern spirituality. Each month, you'll receive thought-provoking, transformative astro-prophetic messages channeled by our very own Ashley H.A. Williams, to guide and inspire you on your life's journey.

For a more entertaining and hands-on experience, look no further than our second channel, where you'll explore the world of biblical rituals in a fun and accessible way. The Biblical Rituals Co provides engaging content in the form of lively tutorials, guidance, and creative ideas to help you connect with the ancient texts at a personal level. The channel offers a perfect balance of dynamic, alluring visuals, and enlightening wisdom that you won't find elsewhere.

We warmly welcome you to join our ever-expanding community of spiritual seekers by subscribing to FD 11-11 Ministries and The Biblical Rituals Co on YouTube. Together, let's embark on a thrilling voyage of self-discovery, growth, and transformative enlightenment!

With Love and Light, The FD 11-11 Ministries Team

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